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Originally from the French part of Switzerland, I came to the US to pursue my dream of working in the most influential film industry. I was quickly drawn to cinematography, because it challenged me to excel in technical knowledge while pushing my artistic sensibility.

I have been working as a director of photography and camera operator in Los Angeles and nation-wide for the past 15 years. I enjoy any challenges that come my way and thrive to surpass myself on every project. I have also been working as a lighting designer and gaffer over the years, and have a solid understanding of how to deliver visually stunning content regardless of budget, equipment or time restriction.

The images and the visual language are everything in filmmaking, but their only purpose is to support the story and present the characters interact in their environment. More than anything, my job is therefore to make the best out of every set-up, and to shoot for the story instead of just shooting the shots.

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